Carol and Larry Brecker create their art for the pleasure of expression.

Carol’s ikebana and Larry’s art photography interpret the beauty in nature and gardens. Their individual perception and attention to detail can give new insight into living materials and lift the spirits.

We invite your engagement with our art. Please contact us for comments and questions!


    Honor nature and creation.
    Relax and meditate with God’s wonders. Add your personal touch to show the best a plant has to offer at a moment in time. Engage your senses in the tactile and visual pleasures of creating floral art for yourself, your family, and community. Enjoy walking the garden; thoughtfully collecting materials for your special lessons and designs. Study ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arranging.


    Carol creates and exhibits extensively in Phoenix, Arizona and is available to travel to your location. Her specialty is creating inspirational installations for cultural and arts events. She enjoys interpreting and illuminating art works with her arrangements. Gardens, galleries, museums, lobbies, and homes are perfect venues.


    Studio classes are taught in two beautiful locations: Paradise Valley, Arizona and Ouray, Colorado. Through regular classes you may progress through a rigorous certification system with the Sogetsu School of Ikebana in Tokyo.

    Teaching is a special pleasure for Carol. She believes in Sofu Teshigahara’s founding statement for the Sogetsu school: Anyone can create ikebana with any materials anywhere in the world. Her teaching reflects her studies in theology, sociology, adult education, and organizational management. Continuing studies in Sogetsu ikebana, yoga, gardening, dance, and classical flute keep her art and teaching vibrant and centered on appreciation for life.

    Carol’s work emphasizes acceptance of all peoples and their individual differences in ability, ethnicity, and beliefs. Building personal confidence and positive group dynamics is fundamental to her programs. You can bring the uplifting world of Carol’s ikebana into your workplace, organization, and life.


    Join the community of teachers and students of ikebana in metropolitan Phoenix. Carol lives the motto of Ikebana International. “Friendship through Flowers” and is a founder and chairperson for Sonoran Desert Sogetsu Study Group (SDSSG) and active with the Sogetsu Teacher Association in Tokyo.

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    Scientific training and eye for discerning detail through years of practice as a dermatologist underlie the unique perspective in Larry’s fine art photography. While he was a practicing physician, photography was his hobby. He has photographed flora and fauna for over 30 years in many parts of the world. He began processing his photography digitally and exhibiting his work in 2002. You can explore the world with Larry. Enjoy intimate encounters with flowers, leaves, and stems. His work will excite you to enjoy each moment, each experience, and to store and savor them for rainy days. View his catalogue of works available on various surfaces; including canvas, metal, sintra, fabric, wood, and plexiglass.


    Larry's art grows out of a collaboration with his gardener wife and her ikebana, Japanese flower arranging. Together, they have created gardens in Arizona and Colorado that provide the subject matter for many of his images. His art is not confined to interior walls. It brings bright floral joy to the home and office and flows well into outdoor spaces: garden, patio, and balcony. Garden photography is available on aluminum and other outdoor surfaces.


    Larry’s choice of light, color, and design evoke an emotional response to his art photography. He uses macro and telephoto lenses to isolate focal points; then turns to photoshop to create what he feels and sees in his imagination. When he is satisfied with the image he has created on the screen, he determines the surface that will best convey his message to the viewer.


    Larry’s art has been nationally juried at the Alpine Artists Holiday in Ouray, Colorado. He is a member of Ouray County Arts Association and Sonoran Arts League.